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Chelsea Bartell


About chelsbartell

About chelsbartell

I believe I am an innovative, advocate of self-love. I speak, fiercely, on the importance of spiritual growth while touching on tough yet, relevant social issues that most are nervous to confront. I will walk you, hand in hand, through the destruction caused by lovers and friends. Brick by brick, I will teach you how I built a palace; to worship the goddess I didn’t believe I was. I carve at the meat of my soul, like Christmas ham, to speak of the wound from an absent father.

Through sharing the nature of my heartache, I have the capability to educate others. Which is exactly why I've set myself up on Teachable. I'm ready to slice open the stories behind my poetry. I'm so ready to share how I grew more because something else proved me less. This apparel captures just that. It represents a victory, a medal, the "I'm proud of you" you never received. These designs, I hope, will empower you to spill your soul on everything you come into contact with because you put in the work to make your honey so damn sweet.

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